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About the Workshop

The Mezzo Café is an opportunity to engage groups in conversations to facilitate peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Non-Profit Edition:
The Non-Profit Edition offers an opportunity for Non-Profit leaders to gather in a safe space and share their experience and ideas with their peers. By following guided conversation participants gain knowledge about various topics designed to strengthen their Non-Profit organization and in response, their community. Topics include:
- Sustainability
- Fund Raising
- Volunteer Recruitment
- Volunteer Retention
- Engagement of the community

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Edition:
- Empathy is born through communication and connection. Our DEI focused Café helps groups, organizations, and communities begin the process of constructing an empathetic lens that creates opportunities for more work in the space of DEI.

Need a different topic of focus? Contact us and we can explore how we can help.

Each Café includes the creation of a Mezzo Café Report after the event that can be shared with all participants. This feature ensures that all of the information gathered can be shared, cataloged, and available for future use.