Mindfulness in the Workplace




2 Hours

About the Workshop

Working in a team can be tough. Day-to-day operations can be stressful and that stress can lead to a breakdown in empathy, compassion, and communication. Communication breakdowns, when communicators are speaking through different mindsets, can lead to an increase in stress among team members.

When faced with interpersonal conflict in the workplace, we might find ourselves communicating in unhealthy ways. There are three main types of unhealthy communication styles in the workplace: passive-aggressive communicator, passive communicator, and aggressive communicator.

If the stress from interpersonal conflicts is not managed, we are more likely to increase conflicts and stressors through the use of these unhealthy communication styles. Utilizing individual and team mindfulness techniques can help decrease stress levels, dysregulation, and tension.

Prices vary based on number of participants. Travel and lodging cost may apply.