Self-Care for Helpers


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About the Workshop

What to expect in the Self-Care For Helpers Workshop

✅ Discover what self-care is and isn't
✅ Explore (5) areas of self-care
✅ Completion of a self-care assessment
✅ Peer-To-Peer learning activities
✅ Create a self-care plan

Workshop Goals
- Become familiar with practicing anchoring of breath.
- Discover and define what self-care is
- Discuss why self-care is important
- Explore self-care activities
- Develop a mindful self-care plan
- Set a mindful goal.

Workshop fees: $300per hour + $25.00 per participant + Travel and lodging costs (if applicable)

- Workshop Education
- Workshop Participant Kits
- Access to Mezzo Solutions Mental Health Resources
- Custom Workshop Follow-up

Invoice and contract will be emailed once your workshop request is approved.