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Who's Helping The Helpers?

Supporting the mental health of the helpers who carry out the mission and fulfill the values of an organization is vital to sustainability and impact.

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Show Up To Help Workshop


Attendees will know what it means to "Show Up To Help",  understand the "why" in their roles within the helping profession, and gain a renewed sense of purpose. 



  • orientation to the Helping The Helpers Series

  • exploration of their "why's" for being a helper

  • finding meaningful connections among other helpers

  • introduction to the Feel Good Portal and other mental health tools

Duration: 2hrs

Location: In-Person or Virtual

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Ashley L. 
Non-Profit Staff 

This was an absolutely amazing experience for me and my co-workers. Very fun, relaxing, and educational time. I highly recommend it.


Amanda W.
Non-Profit Executive Director

Mezzo Solutions facilitated some great discussions and gave us some very useful tools to assist us in working with the children and families we serve.

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Jessica M.
Non-Profit Association Leader

In the hectic, uncertain, and often fast-paced day-to-day, investing in mental health and overall wellness is critical. Partnering with Mezzo Solutions allows our helpers to focus on self-care.

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Let us know how we can make wellness simple for your organization or community. 

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